Terms & Conditions for Middy's Online access.

As a customer of Middendorp Electric Company P/L, I would like to register my business to use the Middy's Online system (Email Delivery Systems).

I understand that once the registration is approved I will be able to access only my information on the Middendorp Electric Company P/L web site

I understand the information available on the site includes not only information relating to Middendorp Electric Company P/L and Middy's products, but also information relating to my own business activity with Middendorp Electric Company P/L - financial and otherwise.

On behalf of my business I agree to the following terms and conditions of use:
  • Access codes and passwords to the web site are to be kept confidential at all times.
  • Information gained from the site will be kept confidential within my organisation. Only suitably authorised persons from within my company will be given access to the site. If such persons leave, our organisation agrees to change the password as soon as possible.
  • Middendorp Electric Company P/L will be indemnified of all liability in terms of unauthorised access by any party, or the rightful or wrongful use of, confidential information available on the site.
  • Middendorp Electric Company P/L does not warrant or guarantee site availability or performance. Middendorp Electric Company P/L reserves the right to restrict access to the site by any party at any time.
I understand that upon approval of this request, I will be issued with an access code and password to allow me to access Middy's Online Services.
  I Accept the Above Terms & Conditions     I Decline the Above Terms & Conditions